Harajuku: Kawaii Capital of the World

Bentobox Magazine, February 2016.

Costumes at Boutique Takenoko on Takeshita Street
Boutique Takenoko on Famous Takeshita Street

With its colourful cosplayers and flashy fashion, Harajuku has cemented its spot as a mecca for all things cute and trendy

Known worldwide for its outlandish fashion, Tokyo’s Harajuku district is a people-watcher’s paradise. Girls decked out in frilly dresses, lace and corsets flit through the perpetual crowds of Takeshita Street looking for the latest “goth loli” (Gothic Lolita) or “ama loli” (sweet Lolita) fashions while Harajuku’s legendary cosplayers turn the streets into their personal stage.  read more

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