Seaside Sake

Bentobox Magazine, October 2017.

Award-winning sake brewery Yamatan Masamune takes inspiration from the peaceful sea views of Ehime Prefecture.

Yamatan Masamune brewery aims to evoke a sense of tranquil relaxation with its floral-tinged brews. The brewery faces the charming islands of the Seto Inland Sea, and its sake blends attempt to mirror that same serene view with clean and refreshing tastes.  Based in Ehime Prefecture, the brewery prides itself on a tradition of high-quality sake dating as far back as the Edo period. Read More


Bentobox Magazine, July 2017.

The LCBO’s latest specialty store carries a wide range of alcoholic beverages from across East Asia.

The new “Destination East Asia” store offers an impressive list of wines and spirits from countries such as China, Japan and Korea, all available for the first time outside licensed bars and restaurants.   read more


Bentobox Magazine, June 2017.

Sony’s industry-leading headphones block out noise without sacrificing safety. The Quick Attention functionality lets wearers easily tune in to the world outside.

The MDR-1000X Noise Cancelling Headphones come loaded with an array of impressive features. Superior noise cancellation, high-quality sound, two ambient noise modes, touch sensor functionality and a competitive price put Sony’s new headphones among the top noise cancelling options on the market.  read more


Bentobox Magazine, July 2016.

Tokyo Traditions

Connect with Tokyo’s fascinating past

“&TOKYO” represents the many ways to connect with Tokyo, from fashion &TOKYO to dining &TOKYO. The old-world concept of shitamachi exemplifies the value of tradition &TOKYO.

Shitamachi, or “lower town,” technically refers to the lower part of Tokyo City. But to Tokyoites, shitamachi is a turn of phrase, a relaxed swagger—a way of life. It’s a philosophy unique to Tokyo that dates back to the Edo period, when the samurai and nobility resided in the upper part of the city, or Yamanote, while the common folk congregated in the lower area…  read more

Harajuku: Kawaii Capital of the World

Bentobox Magazine, February 2016.

Costumes at Boutique Takenoko on Takeshita Street
Boutique Takenoko on Famous Takeshita Street

With its colourful cosplayers and flashy fashion, Harajuku has cemented its spot as a mecca for all things cute and trendy

Known worldwide for its outlandish fashion, Tokyo’s Harajuku district is a people-watcher’s paradise. Girls decked out in frilly dresses, lace and corsets flit through the perpetual crowds of Takeshita Street looking for the latest “goth loli” (Gothic Lolita) or “ama loli” (sweet Lolita) fashions while Harajuku’s legendary cosplayers turn the streets into their personal stage.  read more

Nikko is Japan’s Natural Sunlight

Jizo Statue at Nikko, Japan.
Jizo Statue at Nikko, Japan.

Travelife Magazine, January 2016.

Breathtaking scenery and lots of UNESCO sites await those who visit this hidden treasure

About two hours north of Tokyo, nestled among the mountains of Tochigi prefecture, sits a wealth of Japanese culture. Nikko, which means “sunlight” is considered one of the most beautiful places in Japan, and as I ride the Shinkansen (bullet train) through Nikko’s countryside, I instantly understant why. The train whizzes by mountains swathed in a lush, green carpet of cedar trees, the first glance of Nikko’s unique charm.   read more

Emily St. John Mandel

Post City Magazine. November 5, 2015

Emily St. John Mandel

Young writer, Emily Mandel, knocks off Canlit icons to win Toronto Book Award

“St. John’s my middle name. The books go under M,” insists the subhead of Emily St. John Mandel’s Tumblr blog. Much like her name, her award-winning novel Station Eleven defies conventions. The book chronicles the lives of a travelling troupe 20 years after a pandemic has wiped out most of Earth’s population. It’s often categorized as sci-fi, but technology is a shadow of what it was in the 21st century. It’s a dystopian novel, but there is no Big Brother, no oppressive government, just Shakespearean players and gossip magazines…read more


Metropolis Japan. July 24, 2015

Sonny B
Sonny B

Bay Area rapper brings Japan-Cali connection

Rapper, producer, and videographer Sonny B has lived what he calls a “double life.”

The Oakland native’s early life consisted of the duality of facing domestic hardships and gaining family values and respect for higher education through time spent with his father. Despite his childhood’s trials, the core message of his lyrics is one of hope and perseverance…read more

Fishing Boat Zauo

Time Out Tokyo. June 30, 2015

Fishing Boat Zauo
Fishing Boat Zauo

The restaurant where you catch your own fish

Tokyo takes fresh seafood to the next level at Zauo, the restaurant chain where you can catch your own dinner. At the Shinjuku branch you’re greeted by a giant, boat-shaped seating area, and surrounding that is a moat teeming with all kinds of fish (and one mean-looking shark – mind your fingers…read more